The wall of friends


Portraits by Ben Avi from right to left and from top down:

Claude Monet - Painter. 17*22 pencil on paper.

Jim Morrison - Poet. 17*22 pencil on paper.

Osho - Nothing. 30*41 charcoal on paper.

Sun Ra - Musician 32*32 pencil on paper.

Miles Davis - Musician 32*32 Acrylic on paper.

Osho - Nobody 22*17 pencil on paper.

Miles Davis - Musician 19*19 Acrylic on paper.

Gratitude / Ben Avi


I have many friends to thank
But who do I thank for my friends
I don’t know to whom to send my letters of gratitude
With no address, the letters are piling up
With no address the gratitude is growing

I’m starting to lose touch of what my gratitude is even for
With nothing to thank for, my letters have become blank sheets
With nothing to thank for, my gratitude is growing
How can I pay my debt to the nameless donor

Without anywhere to go, without anyone to thank without any way to dissipate
The gratitude is filling me and overflowing
It keeps growing and is becoming its own entity

Independent with nobody to rely on, nothing to depend on
Existing on its own
It goes on growing