It all started with a dream that Emma had around a year ago.

In the dream, before leaving Israel, we made an exhibition in which our artworks were presented together, as one piece of art. Since then we've explored various galleries and other options in Mitzpe Ramon, the town where we live, but nowhere felt right.  In recent months,  especially during quarantine, most of our time was absorbed in creativity. Slowly the idea of holding the exhibition in our home became clear to us as the best option. Hanging our paintings and poems (the new ones and some older ones) on the walls of our home became a kind of womb for us as beauty enveloped us in all directions. We decided to open our home as a gallery and share the the fruits of our creativity. People could trickle in and out slowly over a few days period, giving us time with our visitors, old friends, and new friends who came especially to see the exhibition. Since we both have friends all over the country and all around the world, we decided to create an online version of the exhibition making it accessible to everyone. We hope that you enjoyed and we will be happy to read your reflections.


Photos: shimon bokshtein

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